Second passport introduction

Second passport introduction

Heard for the first time second passport this noun, are unfamiliar with what it is?

Why should we obtain the second passport?

Overseas International Investment Group with a brief description, and tend to hold their own passports than passport,
Referred to second passport ( 2nd Passport Also known as ‘ holding Passport “)

Second passport-canton is divided into two categories:

1 Categories: To obtain the right of abode, residing in the local State 2 years to 5 years time, will be able to obtain a passport. For example United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore ..And so on. 

2 categories: contribution to the local State-owned economy, to apply and do not require local permanent residence, can obtain a passport.

For example:
The European Union, the Commonwealth, Saint Kitts, Dominica, Grenada, Nauru, African countries .. And so on. 2 types of passport applications, the processing time for short, simple application procedures, widely welcomed by the public! Hold a second passport, in non-financial planning, schools, overseas costs, apply for school admissions  And so on, all have the absolute advantage!
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