Taipei European School

Taipei European School

Taipei European School

Was established in the early 1990s. It owns the four branches of the German Ministry, the British Ministry, the French Ministry and the High School. The Taipei European School offers a complete schooling environment for kindergartens, primary schools, national and high school students. The Taipei European School currently has nearly 1,500 international students and 300 faculty members from 50 countries around the world. The Taipei European School is a nonprofit corporation, led by the headmaster of the Department of Princeton, and a senior management team to conduct the school’s operations. The school management team is supervised by the board of directors and the eight-person campus committee selected by the parents.


British Section

TES believes that “every aspect of every child is important” and is therefore committed to teaching in all aspects. Proudly think that each child is an individual, respecting the child’s favorite learning style, all aspects of the advantages of the field of development, like and dislike, and even their interest outside the school. The goal of the UK is to provide the best learning environment and course for each child. In order for the child to study effectively, the course must be combined with learning pleasure and environmental excitement. Thus providing extra-curricular activities and extra-curricular teaching. In order to be able to plan more effectively to meet the needs of each child, an effective assessment is made by formal and informal assessment and is committed to involving children in their own assessment.


Section française

The French Ministry is part of the four departments of the Taipei European School, with the Department of England, Germany and High School. Has been established for more than twenty-five years, and now the French Ministry in such a multi-cultural environment, to provide more than 15 different nationalities, 235 students from kindergarten to high school full education. The Ministry of France has also opened a kindergarten bilingual class in English and French in 2007, and has extended the bilingual classes to higher grades. Bilingual teaching in France has been extended from kindergarten to fifth grade (CM2). English and French bilingual classes, with professional teaching faculty, lead them into a full-bilingual teaching environment with your child at least proficient in one of the languages.


German Section

The German Department advocates language and language counseling and training is the focus of education. Whether it is English, Chinese or other languages, children before the age of six, mining five sense of learning, through the hearing, visual, tactile, smell, taste, five senses intuitive learning language, through fun and communication and other children get along to learn. The accompanying adult is an example of children’s language learning that allows children to learn the correct vocabulary and grammar. Every child’s learning has its own pace. If the child encounters learning disabilities, language communication difficulties or emotional management is not easy to cause learning and homework progress behind, according to the background and needs of each child to choose the teacher in English to help.


British Secondary and High School Section

European School Middle School and High School School aims to: 1. Excellence in education system 2. European education values and culture 3. Taiwan social and cultural links. Encourage students to think in a critical way to learn, and use high-level questioning skills to make wise thinking logic. (7) – Grade 7 – 9 grades are followed by the UK National Course, HI-H2 Level of Excellence (IGCSE), H3-H4. Student extracurricular activities (ECA) are diverse and rich (simulation of the United Nations, international forums, Chinese drums, chess robot and music, debate, classics, film production, college students cooking, etc.) to help all kinds of second specialty training.



How to apply for a European school:

Foreign photocopies
1. The first three years of transcripts (English, kindergarten does not need)
2. Recommendation letter (7 to 9 grade can be recommended in the school teacher, no standard format, not mandatory)
3. Examination fee is NT $ 5,000.

For other overseas school information, please contact us:02-2517-6222

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