Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua was discovered by Columbus in 1493 and became a British colony later. Cotton and ginger are main industries ,and sugar cane farming have been cultivated more than 200 years. Antigua was independent in 1981.Antigua and Barbuda is a monarchical constitutional government of parliamentary system. Nowadays, main industry in Antigua is tourism and related services.Clean, beautiful and transparent beach is most famous scenery , tropical island is a charming paradise. Antigua and Barbuda is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Tourism is the main resource of GDP and generates about 60% of revenue of this country. The majority of tourists come from US, Canada, and Europe.


  • Area: 754 square kilometers.
  • Capital: St. Johns (3.1 million).
  • Population: 89,000 people (mainly black and black and white mixed race, and other South American Indian descendants of the Caribbean, white and a few Middle Eastern people.)
  • Language: English
  • Currency: East Caribbean Dollars (XCD).
  • Capital: St. John’s , located in the northern coastal area of Antigua.
  • Economics: Tourism, breweries,power plants, small refineries,sugar cane sugar, the new garment factories and building materials plant.
  • Administrative division: 6 administrative regions,the provinces of Barbuda and Redonda.
  • Traffic: road-based. The capital of St. John is a natural deep water harbor with modern facilities, can be docked 10,000-ton ocean passenger and cargo ships,and the international airport has access to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and all Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean route.

Beautiful island • vocational paradise

Since the start-up of naturalization policy by investment, It has attracted more and more global investors of all ages! Antigua and Barbuda has beautiful tropical landscapes,unique pink sandy beaches, rich history and passionate people to create its reputation” paradise”.

Free English education

The government offers free British education from elementary school to high school. According to the Canadian Grand Prix program, Antigua citizens or permanent residents in the United Kingdom, Canada, and other commonwealth countries can receive scholarships when they study in these countries ; American University has a medical school in Antigua, medical students can directly obtain the United States , Canada clinical work and internship opportunities, as well as access to ECFMG (Foreign Medical Students Licensing Examination Board) qualification after they graduate from schools.

Property investment in Antigua

Verandah Estates owns a 25-acre community, and the first residential villas in Antigua have been developed and approved by the government investment project (CIP)! Located near the National Park and the beautiful beaches, and are located close to the most popular and well-equipped resort of The Verandah Resort & Spa. Verandah Estates is belonging to the highly successful Elite Island Resorts group. Elite Island Resorts Group has been operated over 40 years and has been dedicated to the development and operation of world-class exclusive hotel and residential communities in the US, Central America and the Caribbean. Elite Island Resorts Group’s successful operating experience and its good reputation in the industries. Each project have been recognized by the real estate market and smart investors.


♦ Over 18 years old adult

♦ No criminal record

♦ Spouse , children and main applicant’s parents can apply together

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