EB-5 Investor Visa:Immigrant Investor Program

EB-5 Investor Visa:Immigrant Investor Program

In 1993, the Regional Center Pilot Program, the EB-5 Investment Immigration Regulation, reduced the amount of immigration investment in a given region from $ 1 million to $ 500,000 and requested its investment to be made either directly or indirectly Profitable companies create 10 jobs. Those who meet the conditions will be considered eligible investors under this investment immigration program. These qualified investors and their families will be granted a green card with attached conditions. Two years later, investors eligible to apply for the lifting of the conditions, renewal of a permanent green card. EB-5 immigrant applicants do not need to apply for labor permits.

EB-5 application conditions

The main applicant has no age limit

Can include spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age. Children over the age of 21 shall be sent separately.

Must prove that the source of investment in legal funds - invested at least US $ 500,000.

Such as salary, work, investment, sale, sale, husband and wife to each other, gifts, heritage, lending, gaming and so on.

Must pass medical and crime and safety background checks.

Applicants are in good health and have no criminal record.

Free education, free English ability, free business background.

The lowest threshold investment immigrants, one person investment, family immigration!

Benefits of American citizens

American immigrant children are more likely to enter top schools

Get the green card after the permanent residents of children, and American citizens will enjoy the same education, read the opportunity of American schools more students than students. General school, the number of students enrolled every year is about 5% -10% of the total, and for the world enrollment. To Harvard University, for example, nearly seven years, 90% -95% of the places reserved for permanent residents or citizens, the annual enrollment of local students in 2000 or so.

US immigrant children tuition fees can be reduced 2/3

All primary and secondary schools in the United States to implement compulsory education, in addition to aristocratic private boarding school, students do not need to pay any fees. In the United States to accept education, compared to the United States local residents, international students will be much higher tuition fees. Local student fees are only one-third of international students, and local students can apply for grants. Investors through the EB-5 investment immigrants to get a green card, you can let the children before college, enjoy the same as the US citizens tuition.

US green card employment opportunities for freedom

Hold a green card in the United States is unrestricted. In order to protect the interests of its own people, much of the work of the United States (high-tech, biochemical, military and other research, production, security work) are not open to foreigners, even if foreigners have the appropriate knowledge and expertise. This situation makes foreign students in college graduation to find a job and American students in an unequal competition. While green card holders need no worries.




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