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OIIG accumulates abundant and professional experiences in helping thousands of clients to make their dream come true over two decades. Their satisfaction is our honor!

21 International schools in Taiwan

  • North: Taipei European School, Dominican international school, Morrison Academy, Adventist American School, Taipei School of Japanese Language and Education, Asia American International Academy, Taoyuan American School, Hsinchu American School, Hsinchu International School, Asia Pacific American School.
  • Central: Taichung American School, Morrison Academy.
  • South: Kaohsiung American School, Kaohsiung Dao Ming, Morrison Academy.

Professional migration and educational consulting services

Our experienced consultants have professional knowledge of many migration countries, such as United States,Canada,Australia,United Kingdom and Europe.

The second passport is the fastest way to own citizenship, please contact us for more information. How to study at International schools in Taiwan? We are experts to design an ideal educational plan for your children. Free consulting service provided!

Fasting applying procedure

Free consultation→background analysis→Application submit

Reliable Service, Experienced consultants, Passion attitude

Education plan from kindergarten to University

Obtaining migration status from well-organized plan



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